How (and What) to Pack for a Discovery Tour (or a Long Weekend in Nosara)

We’re thrilled to hear you’ve booked a Discovery Tour! You already know what’s in store for you: 4 days and 3 nights of paradise – of powdery sands and tropical fruits, ocean views and fine dining. Of luxury accommodation in one of Bellazo’s signature homes, and a knowledgeable guide to see you through your trip.

What you may not know, is what’s in store for your suitcase. What does one pack for a long weekend in paradise?

Here’s what makes our list:

Costa Rica Packing List: What to Bring for A Long Weekend in Nosara

Suitcase space can be tight, but here are a few of our must-packs:

  • Lightweight, Casual Clothing: Pack 3-4 changes of casual clothing, preferably made with natural fibers, lightweight, or quick-dry fabrics. You’ll want plenty of cool, airy clothing when you’re walking the beaches, forests and waterfall paths around Nosara. A mix of shorts/skirts and pants is a good idea.

  • Windbreaker or Light Sweater: Temperatures can dip on the open ocean and at higher elevations, as well as at night. (If you’re visiting during the green season, swap a windbreaker for a raincoat.)

  • Dress Clothing: You’ll appreciate having 2-3 dressy casual options, for evenings out on the town.

  • Swimwear: Don’t be shy – pack your suitcase full of swimwear! A few swimsuits, cover-ups, SPF shirts, and whatever else you like to wear under the sun, will probably make up the majority of your daytime wardrobe while here.

  • Footwear: You’ll need at least one pair of sandals, some hiking shoes, and footwear for a semi-casual night out.

  • Cap, Hat or Other Headwear: Protect your head, face and eyes from the sun. It’s strong down here!

  • Sunglasses: Trust us.

  • SPF 50+: Costa Rica is just a few degrees north of the equator, which means the sun shines strongly here. You’ll want a high-factor, waterproof sunblock, as well as an SPF stick for your lips. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours!

  • Insect Repellent: Insects are unavoidable in the tropics, so skip any discomfort and simply apply repellent before you head out.

  • Toiletries: If you have favorite toiletries, we’d recommend packing them into small travel containers.

If you have extra space, here are a few other considerations:

  • Dry Pack: Costa Rica is an active country. You’ll head to the beach, walk across rivers, take to the ocean, and frolic under waterfalls; a dry pack (basically, a super-sealed ziplock bag) will keep your electronics and valuables safe while you do.

  • Water Shoes: Waterproof, quick-dry shoes are much appreciated, especially when you’re wading into the ocean or taking a nature hike through the jungle.

  • Beach Reads: A big part of the Discovery Tour is, well, discovering the Bellazo lifestyle. And while that means lots of natural beauty and physical activity, we’re all about slowing down, too. Take some time to relax by your private pool, to stake out your favorite beachfront palm tree, and to swing in a hammock – with a good book, of course!

  • Spanish-English Dictionary: It’s not a necessity, but when in Rome… Having a pocket dictionary can give you the confidence you need to communicate with everyone in Costa Rica.

  • Rugged Camera: If you have a shockproof, waterproof camera, throw it in your bags; you’ll be glad you have it at the beach and on hikes. Don’t forget the charger!

  • Daypack: A small daypack can be useful, especially when you’re heading out for a full day’s worth of adventure.

Finally, the most important thing to bring to Costa Rica? A taste for luxury and a desire for adventure, of course!

If our packing list whet your appetite, but you haven’t yet booked your Discovery Tour, it’s not too late! Let us treat you to 4 days and 3 glorious nights in paradise – to a glimpse of what it’s like to live at Bellazo. To the adventure, luxury and beauty that awaits. This is the perfect opportunity to see Costa Rica (in style) while gaining valuable insight to aid in your buying decision process. Call (800) 219-0310 to book your free Discovery Tour today or click here to learn more.